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Braun Cruzer 6 to Remove One Year Beard Growth

Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Zac Efron have all made having beards trendy in the past couple of years, and this is after Johnny Depp sported one in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Last year I decided to give it a go. In the beginning it took a while before it started to look good. Every day of the first two weeks I wanted to shave that beard off. It was itchy, and irritating. But my patience soon paid off and I was receiving compliments. Apparently having a beard is supposed to be healthier for your skin too.

But after about a year I tired of it. It wasn’t any easier to take care of than shaving once a day. I was tired of having extra hair to wash in the shower, and to do a quick check after every meal to ensure there were no crumbs in it. Plus, someone thought I was older than I really was! That was the turning point for me. It was time to trim this growth off, but my regular electric shaver just wouldn’t do the trick.


I turned to the net to find the best beard trimmer. I thought it’d be handy to have one on hand, in case I decided to grow my beard out again. I was thinking I might try it again for later this year, but probably not for as long. After a good search I found the Braun Cruzer 6 beard and hair trimmer.

This electric cordless trimmer comes in a dark grey plastic casing with blue blade cover and blue on/off button. It’s priced under $50, so is an affordable option for a man who needs more than one type of shaver in his personal care kit.

Braun has been marketing the Braun Cruzer 6 trimmer as their most powerful beard trimmer. Its internal motors have sensors that will increase power over particularly difficult portions of the beard.

The blades in this trimmer are made from stainless steel, to prevent allergic reactions, and are also extra-sharp, so you can can create intricate beard styles as needed.

The Braun Cruzer 6 has six different settings, so I was able to choose the best one to match the beard comb I needed. These settings vary between one millimeter and twenty millimeters. Besides the settings, there are two detachable beard combs. I could trim the beard I had, or create a stubble look. I chose to trim down to the stubble, and then my regular men’s cordless shaver could take over from there.

The Braun Cruzer 6 is also 100% washable under running water, and one hour of charge gives 40 minutes of shaving time.

The Braun Cruzer 6 can also be used to trim hair to super short, though for my purposes I’d only be using it for beard hair. But it was good to know that I could use it for another purpose, should I decide to go with a super short hairstyle in the future.